Gallery One @ 2020

# Title Period Description Price Status
0001 Freddy Mid-yr 2020 Based on the famed rock star, Freddy Mercury    
0002 Mercury Mid-yr  2020 Close friend and back-up singer for Freddy    
0003 Lacey Late 2020 Favorite flower: Edelweiss and local fair winner for her laces    
0004 Inspector Ashton Late 2020 First to the scene, distinguished and debonair    
0005 The Bookie Mid 2020 Got your number but won’t share it…mostly reliable.    
0006 Rookie Bookie Mid 2020 Still green under the wings but learning the ropes from Bookie    
0007 Rose Late 2020 Surrounded by her favorite flowers, she looks at the world    
0008 Happy New Year Late 2020 Uncertain about all things but moving forward into 2021    
0009 Chuck Late 2020 Hard rider on the bike and always ready for a road trip    
0010 Anthony Late 2020 The world is his oyster at this point in life    
0011 Island Native Mid 2020 Contemplating the mountains and ocean    
0012 The Athlete Late 2020 Ready for this.  The Big Day, the Big Win    
0013 Robin Early 2020 As I see it.    
0014 Ashes to Ashes Mid 2020 What goes down, stays down.    
0015 Joseph Mid 2020 Willing to work and I’m honest    
0016 Ming Ding Late 2020 Take me to your super leader    
0017 Tom S Mid 2020 If Huck is going to be there, count me in    
0018 Spitz Late 2020 Winning isn’t everything but it counts    
0019 Witch Doctor Mid 2020 Brings the cure for just about anything    
0020 Elder Wisdom        
0021 Out of the Box Mid 2020 Coming out or going into hiding, you never know    
0022 Shade’ Late 2020 Born to impress and always a big hit at the late show    
0023 The Singer Late 2020 Ready with a show tune or a place to go    
0024 His Wife Early 2020 Perfectly coiffed and holding it all in    
0025 African Maiden Mid 2020 Pride of the village    
0026 The Wrangler Early 2020 Can sell the horse from under a saddle    
0027 Sierra Early 2020 One of the strong women of the west    
0028 Neptunia Late 2020 From and to the sea    
0029 Kona Dancers Early 2020 Back to back they danced all night    
0030 Sisters Early 2020 Related and connected but unique    
0031 To the Victor Mid 2020 Thanking the Gods for today’s victory