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2- MK The 3D Matrix DATA-ANALYST

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Case Study & Projections
HELLO WORLD Re-CORONAVIRUSVISUALIZED Please join our “Support the B4_UR_IZ Further Developmemnt Crowd Funding Efforts” . Your contribution are appreciated and needed to develope the next gen Version Galatica 5 & 6 Global Matrix’swithin our Independant 3d SPATIAL DATA VIEW PLATFORM Become a Patron!

Donations and Support link to develop a CORONAVIRUS VISUALIZED 3d Model – HexBarrel to assist tracking of the CORONAVIRUS

B4_UR_IZ  ®is a self contained 3D data rendering platform

The system visualizes relational data sets within and over time in a way that creates a holistic ecosystem view of your data. The cohesive nature of the visual allows you to see your data literally before your eyes, hence the name B4_UR_IZ (Pronounced Before Your Eyes).