Mission Statement

Data Cocoon LLC under the trademark B4_UR_IZ ® (pronounced Before your eyes), are focused on the redefinition of visual data representation and to innovate and disrupt the current status quo in the big data analysis and interpretation market.

Our mission is to transform data in order to allow the human brain to perceive and visually experience data in a brand new way.  Our fundamental purpose is to create a shift of paradigm in data analysis by using our 3D holographic image producing software to stimulate the primary visual cortex of the brain, and by doing so, allow users to more easily understand and interpret data.

Company Overview

Data Cocoon LLC was founded by Martin Kagan, who started the company March 15, 2013 with three years of development prior to creating the company.  The company is based in Portland, Oregon.

The Problem

The volume and speed of big data today overwhelm the human mind’s capacity for understanding. Efforts to tame big data by warehousing it do not address this problem. Such efforts merely provide a false sense of security.  With the ever-increasing amount of data available today, it is important that companies be able to analyze this data in an accurate and timely matter in order to succeed.  There is currently a lack of true data visualization software in the market.  Current commercially available graphic data analysis packages present their results in tables, graphs and charts that are not intuitive.

The Solution

In order to comprehend multidimensional data and to truly understand it from a multi-perspective platform, we need to think in a higher language. Thankfully, it’s a language we already innately possess.  By tapping that innate human language, B4_UR_IZ, provides a quantum leap in the infographic domain of functional art.  The Software pulls once static data out of the dark ages of reflexive accounting and into the world of real time, multidimensional analysis. It tames the beast of digital anxiety into the domesticated form of mathematical sublimity.  B4_UR_IZ patented infographic renderings are intuitive by virtue of the graphic being self-explanatory after the briefest of initiation periods with the graphical legend.

Unlike elementary infographic tools such as bar and pie charts, scatter plots and a range of Venn diagrams, B4_UR_IZ systematically renders multiple perspectives in ways that assist the viewer in understanding multidimensional data sets—in a quick flash of images.  The software’s visual renditions of data from spreadsheets, databases, etc. obtained via OLAP, form visual creatures that become the seeds of language that spark shared interpretations—in all, the system breathes life into once-inert reams of data.

These info-creatures, evolving in real-time data display, illustrate their internal relative value.© Copyright – B4_UR_IZ 2016 3D Data Visualization Analytics