Martin Kagan

As the founder, Martin leads the Data Cocoon team.  Mr. Kagan saw that the accounting community needed to be able to visually see data in a way that was easy and intuitive to understand.  He began to work on the B4_UR_IZ software in order to solve this problem.

The team has broad spectrum of capabilities and experience in Accounting, Economics, Computer Science, Biological sciences, Linguistics, coding and programming.  The following team members have contributed significantly in driving the company forward:

Greg Houlding

Computer Programming Specialist

Greg Houlding is a software developer with 21 years of experience. He graduated from The University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa with a BSc degree in Computer Science. Greg has been an integral part of bringing B4_UR_IZ to where it is today. He has been working with the team for 3 years and has been the lead programmer for B4_UR_IZ during that time. Greg continues to help in enhancing and creating new versions of B4_UR_IZ as we work our way towards the initial software release.

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